School Girl by Dominic Benhura

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Green Opal Stone

At the age of 10 Dominic Benhura began to assist his cousin, the sculptor Tapfuma Gutsa, and soon after to create his own works.  Many early formative years were spent at Chapungu Sculpture Park and he is today regarded as the cutting edge of Zimbabwe sculpture with one man exhibitions in Zimbabwe, Australia, Belgium, Holland, Germany and America.

His subject matter is extensive including plants, trees, reptiles, animals and the whole gamut of human experience.  Benhura has an exceptional ability to portray human feeling through form rather than facial expression.

His method of working is different to many of his contemporaries.  He sketches profusely and a sketch book is always close at hand.

He continues to lead by experimentation and innovation and has created many memorable works.

D:10" W:7" H:26"

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