Fang Ngil Mask, Gabon

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D:10" W:9" H:21"

The Fang peoples spread through Cameroon, Gabon, and the continental part of Equatorial New Guinea. Given to them by European travelers, the name Fang is not used by the people. Along with their fine sculpture, the Fang expressed themselves through bodily decoration. Common characteristics of male tribal decoration are teeth filed to points and sometimes blackened, long plaited hair decorated with white beads and copper or irons rings on the ends, and feather headdresses. This is a long faced Ngil masks which have been famous since they were first sought after.

Fang masks are some of the most celebrated and sought after pieces of antique and contemporary African art. They use elegant lines to depict long abstracted beautiful faces. The masquerades of early Ngil Fang Masks articulated how the mask itself held power that would transfer to the wearer.

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